EmergeOrtho Sub-Specialty Orthopedic Services

There is a reason why residents near and far choose EmergeOrtho for their orthopedic, physical therapy, and occupational therapy needs. Whether you have been searching for a convenient location for North Carolina hand surgery procedures, an orthopedic hip doctor, knee replacement options, solutions for ankle pain, or other orthopedic-related needs, EmergeOrtho has the expertise for you.

Our fellowship-trained, subspecialty physicians and surgeons are widely recognized for providing comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic care.

In addition to specialty-trained physicians and surgeons in the areas of the back, neck, and spine; shoulder; elbow and arm; hip and knee; foot and ankle; hand and wrist, sports medicine, and joint replacement, EmergeOrtho also offers non-orthopedic specialties and services.

Take a look below for a full list of EmergeOrtho offerings.

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